‘The Stakes’: Radical Safety

On radical Insta art, what’s next for Standing Rock, and what was lost in the Oakland fire

Welcome back to “The Stakes,” where we don’t mind that it’s getting darker earlier and earlier, because there are no windows in our podcast studio. Coming up on the show today:

Part 1: We check in with organizers at Standing Rock to learn what’s next in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Part 2: Bandcamp managing editor Jes Skolnik talks to Jessica Hopper, MTV’s editorial director of music, about the fire at an Oakland, California, venue that killed 36 people and the importance of DIY spaces like Ghost Ship.

Part 3: Artist Molly Soda, whose radically accessible work mostly lives on the internet, talks with Darcie Wilder, also known as @333333333433333.

Part 4: Our favorite poet-in-residence, Marcus Ellsworth, performs his poem “Call Me Nero.”

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