Rihanna And Her Septum Piercing Star In 'W' Magazine's September Issue

Rihanna is back in full force, y'all. She just kicked off her Monster Tour with Eminem (and released the best tour merch ever) and now she's on the cover of the September issue of W magazine. Rih just released a bunch of photos from her spread on Twitter, which she describes as "Eskimo Horror Story." That description couldn't be more fitting for these gorgeous photos, TBH.

The September cover dubs her "The World's Wildest Style Icon" and refers to her as "Badgal," so it is 100% getting framed and put on display in my home. Rih is also wearing her Meadowlark septum ring and has blue makeup all over her forehead, so my need to have this issue in my hands right this second is high. Very high.

The photos from the spread feature Rih in a whole lotta fur and bling, including a Candice Angelini mask worn as a headpiece and a Lynn Ban choker that straight-up features an animal's skull.

In another, Rih wears a furry Alexander McQueen cape (with a hood!) and thigh-high Marc Jacobs boots. I don't know if all those hand adornments would help with hunting, but the fur cape definitely helps her blend in. She and those two wolves could run with the same pack, right?

Rih also shared two tightly cropped images, which highlight her makeup and the insane jewelry collection she's got going on in this spread. Like, she even wears multiple septum rings. This one, for instance, is from Rachel Boston.

Her colorful makeup is similarly as memorable—mostly because she's got it all over her face. Her forehead and chin—places that are normally makeup-deprived—all got red coloring. It's a strong look, but Rih, of course, pulls it off flawlessly.

The issue isn't out yet, but if you want to peep more photos from the shoot so you know what to expect, check out W's website. If you need me, that's where I'll be for the rest of the day.