Living Under One 'Awkward.' Roof Brings Matty And Jenna Too Close For Comfort [Sneak Peek]


Jenna Hamilton has come a long way from her days as the girl in the upper body cast, and it looks like it'll be smooth sailing ahead for her and Matty now that they're shacking up. Just kidding! When has their relationship ever been thrown a bone? In the sneak peek below, Matty's move to Chez Hamilton is just making things more "Awkward" than ever.

Jenna finds out that living with Matty isn't the one-way ticket to romance she'd anticipated, spending more time bargaining with her clueless beau for personal space and blogging rights than she does getting cozy under the covers with him. Oh, and then there's the teeny, tiny little fact that her dad will stop at nothing -- even doorknob removal -- to keep them from hooking up under his roof. "Given our intimate proximity, we had grown close," Jenna says in the clip. "One could argue too close for comfort." C'mon, any girl would kill for a man that'll gleefully hand her an industrial sized box of tampons...right?

Check out the video, and don't miss "Awkward," Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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