'Parasite' Can't Stop Making History At The Oscars

Director Bong Joon-ho is 'ready to drink tonight'

The votes are in, and Parasite has made history (again) by taking home the Oscar for Best International Feature Film. It is South Korea's first win in the international film category, which was renamed this year from its previous title, Best Foreign Film.

At the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday (February 9), Parasite claimed the award, with director Bong Joon-Ho taking the stage with a heartfelt speech and the proclamation that he's ready to take the edge off after this eventful — and historical — evening.

"I'm so happy to be its first recipient under the new name," said Bong of the category formerly known as Best Foreign Film. "I applaud and support the new direction that this change symbolizes," he continued, before motioning out to the crowd in front of him. "All our loving crew members and cast members are here with us today. Please send a round of applause to the cast and crew members of Parasite." The crowd happily obliged.

"I congratulate all the great artists here tonight," he said. "Thank you, and I'm ready to drink tonight...until next morning."

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92nd Annual Academy Awards - Show

Bong Parasite is a South Korean dramedy that follows a poverty-stricken family who bamboozles a wealthy family from the inside out. However, when their ruse is uncovered, there are a series of unintended consequences that play out in fascinating form.

Parasite won out over contenders like Corpus Christi, Honeyland, Pain and Glory, and Les Misérables. The film already bagged the award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 77th Golden Globe Awards as well. In terms of the Academy Awards, it was nominated for six awards, including Original Screenplay, which Bong and his co-writer Han Jin-Won took home earlier in the night — marking South Korea's first Academy Award, ever. Similarly, Bong is the first South Korean director to have been nominated as well.

It looks like the film continues to make history, and there's nowhere else to go but up from here.