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Doja Cat Destroys Cars And Slithers With Snakes In Villainous 'Rules' Video

She's a criminal queenpin

So far, glimpses into Doja Cat's twisted imagination through her music videos have shown that she inhabits a special, never-before-visited world. She can be a cow, a Kids-era teen destined for debauchery, and also a smoothie. (Yes, a smoothie.) But before today, she was never a criminal queenpin.

In her new video for "Rules," Doja Cat is at the top of the ladder of villainy for reasons that are never quite explained. Just know that she kicks ass and takes names. And she loves all manner of reptiles.

Doja Cat's steps away from singing in "Rules" and begins rapping so viciously that she needs to be a part of a Tierra Whack, Rico Nasty, Kash Doll, and Maliibu Miitch cypher immediately (we're speaking this into existence). As she rips and runs with her flows, she walks through a desert and eventually ends up in a meeting with an older guy who wrongs her. His delivery isn't large enough.

She sicks her bodyguards — including a bald tiger in human form — on him. Later on, she burns a car to shreds and lets a snake crawl over her to show that she's as evil as they come. She walks away from the smoldering vehicle at the end with a triumphant look on her face, onto the next bad scene.

Doja Cat pelted people with eggs and milkshakes in her video for "Bottom Bitch" that dropped earlier this month. Her debut studio album Amala came out last year.

Watch the video for "Rules" up above.