The Grossest Deleted Scene From 'Divergent': Watch Now

We can see it, but Edward can't.

When "Divergent" hit theaters last March, everyone was all, "yay, Shailene Woodley!" but also like, "Wait, doesn't a dude get stabbed in the face in the book? Where's that?"

Yes, a dude does get stabbed in the face in the book, and, as it turns out, Woodley and co. actually filmed the scene. It just didn't make the 139-minute cut released in theaters.

In the Veronica Roth book the movie is based on, power-hungry Peter (Miles Teller) will stop at nothing to best his fellow Dauntless initiates. Yes, even if that means stabbing Edward (Ben Lamb) in the eye with a butter knife. Yowza.

Remember "The Spectacular Now," when Teller and Woodley played teens in lurve so well? In this franchise, not so much!

Check out the scene above, which debuted on Yahoo Movies today ahead of the film's August 5 Blu-ray/DVD release. "Divergent" is already available as a digital download.

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