Danny And Melinda: A Timeline Of Love, Loss And Never Winning [Photos]

She was a sweet Midwestern gal, and he was a wide-eyed kid from Boston with a penchant for silent "r"s and newsboy caps. "Real World: Austin" would bring Danny and Melinda together for the first time in 2005, and though their love was young, they faced death, serious injuries and, well, being filmed for the "Real World" together with the strength and resolve of two people in their golden years. So, for all that they went through, it came as no surprise to viewers when they announced at the reunion special that they were engaged to be married. From there, the fairly tale began...

...until it ended. After competing as a couple on "Fresh Meat" in 2006 and as man and wife on "Gauntlet 3" in 2008 (coming up short on every "Challenge" try in-between), Melinda revealed on 2011's "Cutthroat" that she and Danny had divorced, and suddenly, the seemingly picture-perfect romance was over. Now, the couple who first met when they were both 21-years-old will be forced to compete on a team together in "Battle of the Seasons," always painfully aware that their walk down the aisle was in vain.

+ Take a look at the intense ups and downs Danny and Melinda have faced over the past seven years in our "Danny and Melinda: A Love Story" flipbook, and make sure to see how they fare when "BOTS" premieres next Wednesday, September 19, at 10/9c.

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