'Thor: The Dark World': You Won't Believe The Story Behind The Cameo

The surprise appearance that everyone is talking about has an incredible story behind it.

The following article discusses a surprise scene in "Thor: The Dark World," so if you haven't seen it already, we suggest keeping yourself in the dark until you do.

It's bad enough that Thor has his maniacal adoptive brother stealing his spotlight in "Thor: The Dark World." What he didn't need was one of his Avenger buddies stealing even more of his thunder, but that's exactly what happens in the new sequel.


During a scene in which Loki eggs Thor with multiple disguises as they escape Asgard, Chris Evans makes a cameo as Loki as Captain America. When MTV News sat down with the cast of "Thor: The Dark World," Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston explained how the cameo came together.

As shocking as Evans' appearance is in the moment, the behind-the-scenes story is equally surprising.

"When I was on set, it wasn't Chris," Hemsworth explained. "That part we shot later. Tom actually put on the Captain America suit."

That's right. One day on the set of "Thor: The Dark World," Internet obsession Tom Hiddleston donned a Captain America costume. Why? Because he wanted to.

"Everyone said, 'Tom, it's not going to be you though. We're going to get Chris to shoot it when he's on set and plug it into the scene.' He said, 'No, no, no. This is my one chance to wear a Captain America suit, so he put it on and did the scene," Hemsworth said. "It was great."

For Hiddleston's efforts, the performance was many, many layered. "I did an impression of Loki in the Captain America costume," Hiddleston said. "I did the whole performance and then they showed Chris my performance on tape. It's him doing an impression of me doing an impression of him. And it's brilliant."

Since the footage obviously exists somewhere, it seems like the most obvious candidate for a DVD special feature at some point, and thankfully, Hiddleston confirmed as much to us. "DVD extra, it will be there," he said.

Let the countdown clock start!

"Thor: The Dark World" opens in theaters on November 8.