Jessica Simpson Is Ready To Get Back Into The Studio

'We'll be dancing in the moonlight just liked we used to do....'

Before she was a quirky reality star-slash-actress-slash-fashion-line-guru, Jessica Simpson was a late '90s pop singer who was busy holding her own against fellow teen sensations Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

But it's been half a decade since she released her last album (a 2010 Christmas CD), so it's been all too easy to forget that she was once dishing out sweet kisses and belting octave-hopper anthems about loving us forever and otherwise taking our breath away.

So, when we heard the news that she's building herself a brand new studio to finally get back to business, we were so excited we damn near forgot the difference between tuna and chicken ourselves.

Jessica Simpson Newlyweds Chicken of the Sea GIF

Simpson, whose lifestyle brand is now 10 years old and still kicking A harder than Daisy Duke, appeared on The Today Show to celebrate her general mogulness on Wednesday (Sept. 9) and said that she's working on her musical comeback -- starting with a new studio built right there in her house.

"That project is almost wrapped up," she explained. "I probably have maybe three more weeks until it's done, and I'm down in my basement recording."

Music "is how I started," she added. "That's always one of my biggest passions in the world. I love to use my voice."