2 Chainz Had The Funniest Reaction To Being Left Off Eminem's New Album

The power of emojis

Can you imagine the feeling of being left off an Eminem album? For any rapper, it probably feels like a cocktail of emotions — tragic hurt, seething anger, immense disappointment. Luckily, 2 Chainz seems to be taking his absence from Revival in stride. But that isn't to say he didn't add his trademark humor to commemorate the discouraging moment.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday (December 4), the Atlanta rapper posted three emojis under a photo of the Revival tracklist: "👀😡👊🏿."

In June, 2 Chainz posted a photo of him and Eminem on Instagram. This led many to believe that Tity Boi would be on Em's new project. During an interview with DJ Drama on SiriusXM's Shade45 from over the summer, Chainz revealed what it was like working with Eminem and his reaction when he learned Em only wanted him to provide a hook and ad-libs to a song.

"They want you to redo a hook that Em said and maybe some ad-libs," said 2 Chainz. "So I said I don't redo hooks because I do my own hooks and I want my pub. And I said secondly, if you want my ad-libs I can send them, I do the same ones every time ... I'm telling him, like, man, you know that's cool, but I gotta do something."

Chainz ended up getting to spit a verse on the song that we may never hear. Later in the interview, he revealed what Eminem liked about his rapping style in the first place.

"He telling me basically, like, a lot of my metaphors give him anxiety," said Chainz. "He never know what Imma say."

Being deprived of a 2 Chainz and Eminem collaboration is the ultimate bummer. If there is justice in this world, Eminem will see Chainz's Instagram post and release the song for posterity.

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