Move Over, Bieber — Chrissy Teigen Just Posted John Legend’s Butt On Instagram

Pretty great week for celeb butts, TBH.

Sorry, Justin Bieber, but it’s time for you to take a damn seat. Take that chiseled derrière — which you so generously shared with the world yesterday on Instagram — and kindly pop a squat on the floor because there’s a new butt in town coming to take your throne.

Supermodel and one-half of the world’s cutest couple Chrissy Teigen did us all a solid today (July 7) by posting a sneaky backside pic of her aggressively attractive husband, John Legend.

Chrissy wisely let the pic do the talking, leaving it caption-less except for one thing — she slyly tagged @instagram, suggesting her beef with the site’s online nudity rules is far from over. As you may remember, Chrissy’s been at war with Instagram ever since they removed a topless photo she posted of herself in June, claiming it breached their “no nipple” policy.

Posting a pic of her hubby’s butt, then, clearly isn’t just for futile, show-and-tell purposes — it seems to be a way of further challenging Instagram’s controversial guidelines (even though she does obscure his crack with a strategically-placed knee).

In any case, remember how we dubbed 2014 the ultimate year of the booty? Well, between Justin and John, this week is proving that obsession is still alive and strong. So… at this rate, we can probably expect another famous dude’s rear end to pop up on our Insta feeds tomorrow. We'll be over here waiting, like so:



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