Lorde Invites You To ‘Perfect Places’ In Her Adventurous New Video

Watch in awe as she shoots a gun and chugs champagne

All hail Lorde, queen of the jungle.

After dancing on top of a car for “Green Light,” the pure heroine has given us her second Melodrama visual. This time, she ventures to exotic locales for “Perfect Places,” Melodrama’s euphoric closing track. One minute, she’s the picture of luxury at a beachside resort, chugging champagne and lounging in easy, breezy threads. The next minute, she’s stalking through the jungle, wielding a machete and even shooting a gun. (She’s nothing if not entirely capable.)

Ultimately, though, Lorde looks most like herself while dancing around a bonfire and screaming about graceless summer nights. What the fuck are perfect places, anyway? IDK, but Lorde looks like she’s come close to finding out.

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