12 Photos Of Celebs And Animals That Will Make Your Heart Explode

Dogs, cats and giraffes are a celeb's best friend.

By Nova M Bajamonti

Champagne Papi is pretty #mancrushmonday-worthy all on his own (see: that shirtless Instagram snap), but add an adorable animal and, well, those are some major brownie points right there.

Yup, celebrities and animals go together like "oohhh" and "awww" -- as we've seen tons of stars bonding with the whole animal kingdom, from horses to elephants! Whether they’re having cuddle sessions during set breaks or enjoying some downtime with their favorite furry ones, we would love to tag along for a gush fest.

Warning: Images may cause you to uncontrollably squeal.

French Montana

Looks like French is not only getting into tune with his animal instincts, but his nurturing daddy instincts as well.

Katy Perry

Giraffes are one of my favorite animals, so it's safe to say I wish I went on this safari trip with Katy!

Shay Mitchell

Shay has the effortless, magical power to make any moment look like a glamorous Vogue spread. No wonder she's teamed up with Quay Australia to sell shades.

Blue Ivy

When I was a youngin', I was watching "Arthur" and playing Cops and Robbers. There was no personal yacht for me to recharge from my "complicated" first grade math on, but I digress...

Jared Leto

As an animal rights activist who is always vocal about the mistreatment of animals, this photo is just a preview of all the good Jared has done.

Miley Cyrus

Flower child Miley Cyrus is a huge dog lover, but she took a break from her tail-wagging babies to share cuddles with her piggie.

Nikki Reed

Nikki posted this throwback on her Instagram and wrote: "Flash back Friday to 6 years old with my first horse Laurita. Not much has changed!" She still loves riding horses and even received the The Humane Society of the U.S.'s Inspirational Award from her bae Ian Somerhalder (Double Awww!).

Ian Somerhalder

Power couple Ian and Nikki connect over visiting animal shelters, advocating for animal rights and enjoy horse riding on the weekends. #relationshipgoals


Glitter Queen Kesha switches up the eccentric stage sets and bold costumes for some backstage downtime with a bunny

Sophia Bush

Is this a Ralph Lauren Ad or Sophia's Insta? It's hard to tell. Safe to say, this girl is in her natural habitat and should totally get a modeling gig for them. No need to take an expensive trip, just visit her backyard!

Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda gets to travel the world, be a fashion industry sweetheart, gets featured in most magazines and gets to share the spotlight with a cute white horse on set? Do they have a "Weekend Life Swap" out yet? Sign me up!

Jon Hamm

John Hamm

That would be our ray-of-sunshine smile if we were holding that cutie on our lap!

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