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Ruby Rose Responds To Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Slutty Power Lesbian’ Comment

The actress and model also discussed why it's important to feature unisex style in the fashion world.

Earlier this week, Jennifer Lawrence’s Glamour cover shoot and accompanying interview revealed intriguing insight into the actress’ thoughts about her nude photo leak and her history with Planned Parenthood, among other things. One of the most talked-about opinions she shared, though, was about her personal style, specifically her comment that she prefers to dress like a “slutty power lesbian.”

That remark was immediately met with some backlash from people who accused Lawrence of promoting the appropriation of lesbian style. But she has at least one peer who’s speaking up in defense of her comments: Ruby Rose.

In a new interview with New York Magazine’s The Cut, the “Orange Is the New Black” star defended J. Law, saying she doesn’t think the comments were malicious in any way.

“I hadn’t heard that quote until you told me just now,” Rose said. “But what I do know is that Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress and an amazing advocate for women and women’s empowerment and the wage gap in Hollywood and so many amazing things. I think that is an easy quote to misinterpret or to pick apart. But I know that she has an amazing sense of humor, and for her to say that, I know that would never come from a bad place.

“She’s always spending so much of her time supporting other women and the LGBT community,” Rose continued. “There’s no way that she meant that with any kind of malice. If it was someone else, maybe I would think into it, but because it’s her, I just know what she meant.”

Sure, Lawrence could have chosen her words a little more carefully, but if Rose is giving her the benefit of the doubt, then maybe she really does deserve it. After all, Lawrence is known as an extremely candid interview subject — it wouldn’t be a proper J. Law interview without a little shock and awe.

Along with voicing her support for Lawrence, Rose also discussed being the face of Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren’s spring campaign, along with model (and possible fling of Rose’s lookalike Justin Bieber) Hailey Baldwin. The campaign will be unveiled in a four-part mini video series on the brand’s Instagram, and, judging by the first looks, Rose’s androgynous style is on full display.

Rose told The Cut that she’s excited to see unisex fashion and androgynous style being embraced in the fashion world more, especially because of what it’ll mean for young people.

“For me, I’m more in awe of the fact that I know what this means in a larger perspective,” she said. “[Kids] from middle America, to smaller towns in Australia, to all over the world — if they don’t quite understand why they don’t quite feel comfortable in a dress, but all their friends wear dresses, or if they’re a boy and they want to wear a dress or they want to wear a skirt, they’re gonna get picked on.

“To be able to make this huge impact on what was really a huge transgender and gender-fluidity movement last year is really going to be for the greater good of society because it’s going to let people know they’re not different in a weird way,” she continued. “They’re different in a way that should be celebrated.”