Barcelona Brings The '80s Electro-Paranoia With Their Excellent New Track, 'Paper Lion'

Barcelona delivers a retro roar on the '80s-influenced "Paper Lion."

While Barcelona's recent single "Background" was a sweet love song, "Paper Lion" tells a similar story from a different angle: "A desperate man, running out of time," Brian Fennell sings before the '80s nostalgia rushes in: "He's gonna hold you till your blood runs cold/I'm the only one for you." The Seattle band is definitely taking "Paper Lion" into the romance danger zone with thumping synthesizers and reverb-drenched drums right out of Phil Collins' basement.

The band's gotten love from "Vampire Diaries," "Witches of East End" and "Pretty Little Liars," so they know a thing or two about getting spooky: "Paper Lion" picks up on the paranoia side of '80s pop, too, waiting until the bridge to turn, um, stalker-y: "Don't be scared… I want to please you," Fennell sings. (Can we get these dudes to cover "Somebody's Watching Me" and then "Every Breath You Take"?)

The indie trio's gone independent for their new project -- three EPs under the umbrella name "The Melodrama." The series debut is "Love Me," which includes "Paper Lion" and "Background." Keep an eye out this year -- with two EPs left, Barcelona's surely got plenty of surprises left.

+ Listen to Barcelona's "Paper Lion."

Photo credit: AJ Ragasa