This High School Just Turned Into 'Survivor' For An Entire Week

Outwit, outplay, outclass.

For one week only, an American high school became the setting for the most dangerous game of them all — and nobody got hurt! Well, almost nobody.

The Oregonian has a fantastic report on OCHS Survivor 2015, a "Survivor" season that played out over the course of a week, set entirely inside a high school. Twelve Oregon City High School seniors were selected from a pool of roughly twice that size to compete against each other in head-to-head challenges in the quest to become the Sole Survivor, and the proud owner of a new MacBook Pro. Players were not allowed to leave the high school for the entire week of the game, and couldn't check their cell phones, either.

While only 12 competed in the actual "Survivor" season, the competition became a phenomenon throughout the school and surrounding community, with every victory, loss, truth and lie documented on social media and by students who filmed the process. Every episode is available on the school's website, and you can watch the first episode below:

"Survivor," entering its 30th season on CBS later this month, is known for brutal blindsides and betrayals, with some contestants displaying tactics so aggressive as to ruin relationships forever. But the student players of OCHS Survivor escaped that fate, apparently, despite most of them agreeing to lying to one another throughout the game.

"People don't understand even though it's a game, we still love each other," said Lucas Paris, the season's third-place finisher. "They only see when we are talking crap about each other. They don't see when we are playing Phase 10 and laughing."

The game was taken so seriously that even one student, Lauren Thompson, injured her ankle by falling down the stairs during a challenge, forcing her to leave the competition — a "Survivor" tradition, with medical evacuations dating all the way back to the show's second season.

Speaking of which, when does season two of OCHS Survivor start?



(via Reality Blurred)

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