Courtney Barnett’s New Song Exposes Her ‘Three Packs A Day’ Addiction… To Ramen Noodles

If this isn't Grammy-worthy then I don't know what is.

Courtney Barnett is finally coming clean. The Australian singer-songwriter has done a brave thing today (Jan. 11) by opening up about a deep, dark addiction that’s made her withdrawn, prone to canceling dinner plans… and seriously at risk for a sodium overdose.

She’s “down to three packs a day.” Of cheap, tasty, instant ramen noodles, that is.

Hot on the heels of a Best New Artist Grammy nomination, Barnett is further proving why she stands out from her pack of peers with the new song “Three Packs a Day.” The jangly tune boasts a mean harmonica solo and highlights Barnett’s witty lyricism and deadpan delivery: “That MSG tastes good to me/ I disagree with all your warnings/ It can’t be true they use glue/ To keep the noodles stuck together/ Two minutes seems like a lifetime/ Burn my tongue, patience is a virtue.”

Girl, we’ve all been there.

Following the breakout success of her debut LP, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, Barnett is gearing up to release the six-track Good for You, which arrives on Feb. 14 (the perfect Valentine’s Day treat). Might we suggest pairing the batch of new tunes with a steaming cup of noodles instead of chalky candy hearts? Barnett would totally approve.