Austin Butler To Star In MTV's 'Shannara'

The actor will portray Wil in the small-screen adaption of the fantasy novel series.

Here's some news that will surely make you smile with excitement this December Monday: Austin Butler is coming to MTV!

That's right, folks -- the perfectly coiffed 23-year-old will soon be starring in the network's highly anticipated series "Shannara." Based on Terry Brooks' best-selling fantasy books, the show will tell the story of the Shannara family, who live thousands of years after the destruction of civilization.

We'll take a moment to interrupt your happy dance re: this casting news with some crucial facts about Butler's role as protagonist Wil Ohmsford: He's half-human and half-elf, and he's described as kind, thoughtful and likable. Wil isn't entirely comfortable in his own skin -- he tries to hide his pointy elf ears -- but for the record, we're anxious to see the blond dreamboat emulate Orlando Bloom's iconic look. But just for fun, here's a preview of an elven Butler:

But back to Wil. Despite his insecurities, he has an appealing, self-deprecating manner, but his carefree way of life is about to be turned upside down. We can't with the suspense! And, AND, when Wil becomes aware that he's the last of the legendary Shannara family -- and that he must find the Druid who will guide him to his destiny -- he realizes his dangerous journey is just beginning. Duh duh duhhhhhhhhhhh....

Prior to landing the lead in "Shannara," Butler had small-screen roles on "Zoey 101," "Switched at Birth," "The Carrie Diaries" and "Arrow"; his film credits include "Aliens in the Attic."

Welcome to the fam, Austin! Keep checking MTV News for more updates about "Shannara," and share your thoughts about his casting below!