Hugh Jackman Raps, J.Lo Sings At The World Cup And Everything You #NeedToKnow

In case you missed it, we have all the top pop culture stories this week for you.

Whoa, we're a week away from the first official day of summer! YAAAS! Thank goodness, Nicki Minaj finally dropped her music video for "Pills N' Potions" -- with a very special love interest. Speaking of rappers, did you happen to catch Hugh Jackman throw down a hip-hop rendition of the opening number from Broadway's "Music Man"?

It was awesome seeing LL Cool J and T.I. get up onstage with him during that Tony Awards performance.

Another great summer tradition is watching the World Cup and seeing who performs, like Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, who helped kick off the tournament. I can't believe J.Lo almost didn't head down to Brazil!

If this is all news to you, you've come to the right place. We've got all the top entertainment stories that you #NeedToKnow in the video below AND a sweet Father's Day Spotify playlist for you to listen to while you spend time with your dad on Sunday.