Jet Make Progress On New LP ... And Cocktail Mixes, 'Moon Tans'

Aussie rockers 'past the point of no return' on follow-up to Get Born.

With their hard-partying ways, it's a miracle that the guys in Jet get around to updating their Web site at all. So when they do find time to post an in-studio update -- which they did this week -- you can be pretty sure it's gonna be worth checking out.

Presented under the mouthy handle "Conducting Our Self With Decorum and Improving Our Hillside Manners," the Aussie rockers' latest communiqué reads: "We are deep beyond the looking glass that is album 2, my friends ... past the point of no return. We've tracked 20 cracking songs ... not only do we have drums and bass finished, but we are well into guitar overdubs. That means we are inundated with a cache of beautiful vintage guitars and amps. We admit that this maybe interesting info for musicians and perhaps boring for non-musicians. But as we are of the [former] bunch it has been lovingly included."

Thanks, dudes. The update also details frontman Cameron Muncey and guitarist Nic Cester's work on an unnamed "raucous rocker" of a tune, which the band promises "is going to destroy your constitution" (and not the "written-on-parchment" kind), while going on to describe all manner of in-studio shenanigans.

"As summer approaches and the sun intensifies here in L.A, we are all working on our smashing moon tans here in the dimly lit epicenter of Hillside Manor Studios and working on our White Russian mixes," the post continues. "Other Jet activity this week included some 'proper' discussions about album title and artwork for the cover. But we are not at liberty to divulge this information as we need to keep some surprises for you guys. ... I mean, we know we're in another paradigm shift and all, and that the world is getting closer and that the people want access, but that's no fun, now is it?"

Jet have been working on the follow-up to their million-selling debut, Get Born, since late last year (see [article id="1510788"]"Jet's Second Album Slowly Taking Flight"[/article]). Producer Dave Sardy is once again at the helm of the sessions, which have been held at Hollywood's legendary Sunset Sound studio and at Sardy's own Hillside Manor studio. Initially, Jet claimed to be taking 27 tunes into the recording sessions, but that number has since been whittled down to 20.

While the guys said in an earlier post that the new album's release date would "depend on exactly when we are satisfied that the record is far superior to Get Born," according to their label, Atlantic Records, fans can expect it to hit stores on September 26.