The Most Unforgettable 'Real World' Moments From Seasons 11-20 -- Threeway Included

Who could forget the legendary hot-tub hookup in Sin City?

Since 1992, when "The Real World" made its historic debut on MTV, we've watched an unforgettable batch of cast members leave their comfort zones, journey to a new city (and sometimes a new country), and reside with six strangers in some luxurious pads. During their three-month stints away from home, the group of young adults stopped being polite and started getting real -- and thanks to their poignant conversations and sometimes unbelievable antics, we've witnessed a mountain of memorable moments (look no further than the trio featured above).

In honor of the milestone 30th installment, "Real World: Skeletons," premiering on Tuesday, we're taking a fond look back at 14 incidents from Season 11-20 -- Chicago, Las Vegas, Paris, San Diego, Philadelphia, Austin, Key West, Denver, Sydney and Hollywood -- that are simply impossible to forget:

Season 11: Chicago

The roommates watch the 9/11 terrorist attacks on television.

Season 12: Las Vegas

Trishelle, Brynn and Steven share a very steamy evening the hot tub.

Season 13: Paris

CT and Adam have a major blowup.

Season 14: San Diego

Brad and Robin get arrested separately on the very same evening. "Free Brad!"

Season 15: Philadelphia

Willie and MJ realize Karamo is gay.

Season 16: Austin

Danny is severely injured after getting into a street brawl during the crew's first night on the town.

And on Valentine's Day, the Massachusetts native gets some devastating news from home: His mother has unexpectedly passed away.

Season 17: Key West

The roommates are caught in Hurricane Rita.

And when Paula goes to therapy, she learns she suffers from depression.

Season 18: Denver

Stephen and Davis have a confrontation about race and sexual orientation.

Alex is quite the ladies' man -- he hooks up with both Jenn and Colie in the same night.

And Brooke has a classic meltdown in the house.

Season 19: Sydney

After a heated argument over the use of the phone, Trisha attacks Parisa, and Parisa insists that Trisha be evicted from the house.

Season 20: Hollywood

Joey breaks down after using drugs, and producers offer him the chance to go to rehab.

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