'Bring It On': The Cast Tells Us What Their Characters Are Up To, 15 Years Later

Are they still bringing it a decade and a half later?

If you're a living, breathing, movie-watching human being, chances are you've referenced "Bring It On" at least once recently. Whether you showcased your finest spirit fingers, commanded someone to "bring it" or responded to an innocent "brr!" with a full-on "it's cold in here, there must be some Toros in the atmosphere," the indelible 2000 cheerleader movie has surely made its mark on you.

"Bring It On," directed by Peyton Reed, written by Jessica Bendinger and starring Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Gabrielle Union and Jesse Bradford, among others, turns 15 today, having hit theaters on August 25, 2000. (The film celebrated its red carpet premiere on August 22.)

We've already shared our complete oral history of the film, but that's a look back. While reporting, MTV News also asked the cast of the film to look to the future: where do they think their characters would be now? What's Torrance up to, 15 years after graduating from Rancho Carne High School?

Find out what the cast said below.

Kirsten Dunst, Torrance Shipman



"You know what, we wanted to make another movie [about] what happened to Torrance. Where would Torrance be? Probably coaching cheerleaders, she loves cheerleading. I think she probably is a cheerleading coach for sure, and she has a family. Not with Cliff -- with somebody else, for sure. She’s such a good mom. Like, she just seems like someone you want to be your mom, she’s just like the all-American woman. I was thinking ACTUALLY, maybe since she loves helping people and stuff, she could be working for the U.N. or something like that. Maybe Torrance took her cheerleading skills to a higher level."

Jesse Bradford, Cliff Pantone



"I like to imagine a world where Tor and Cliff worked out, you know? That’s kind of fun, right? But I also like to imagine a world where nothing worked out for any of these people, and it’s just kind of dark, dark, dark, dark comedy, though, you know? So that’s two [options]. But I think Cliff would be happiest if he ended up with his own little recording studio set up thing, maybe as a sound engineer or maybe actually as his own recording guy, producer, who has his own space, whether it’s a little rinky dink or whether he kind of hit it big. And he gets to make music, and be a part of rock and just kind of sit in here and there. That’s exactly what I think he would do."

Gabrielle Union, Isis



"In this day and age? Fighting the fight against social injustice. She would be a Twitter warrior, she would probably be some kind of attorney of some sort. Either something where she’s a politician -- where she’s changing legislation to fit the marginalized, fighting the good fight kind of thing -- or a reality star, it’s hard to say. A lot of people have the best intentions and end up in places you cannot predict. One of the two."

Eliza Dushku, Missy Pantone



"Oh my gosh, Missy is running beauty pageants in women’s prisons somewhere. Talent shows."

Lindsay Sloane, Big Red



"I think that she’s actually kind of let herself go – because I think she went off to college and realized she wasn’t the sh-t she’d thought she be or thought she was. I think it’s hard to be queen in high school, and you go out into the real world and you just realized you’re one of many. I think she had a bad attitude. I think she was really humbled in college, because she was kind of a nobody -- and I think she’s teaching cheerleading at a small YMCA in middle America right now. And I think she’s really let herself go. She’s Huge Big Red; she’s just Unhealthy Red -- Sad Red."

Nicole Bilderback, Whitney



"I could see Whitney and Courtney... working at the Toros' High School as the cheerleading coaches. You know what I mean, still living in the cheerleading world, and their former glory days. I could totally see Whitney and Courtney working at the high school, being the cheerleading coaches, and just being their funny, bitchy usual selves. Just walking around in a cheerleading outfit, even though they’re the coaches. Maybe that could be another sequel."

Ian Roberts, Sparky Polastri



"That’s interesting. He’d probably still be wearing his pants and shirt with his tights but look a little fatter, and he’d be loving his power over something insubstantial like community theatre or a high school production, or some really crummy musical theatre out in the boondocks, just giving these fat ladies who’ve been cast in these parts a hard time. I think he’d be a big fish in a small pond somewhere. Being awful to people who are too naïve to realize he’s a nobody."

Brandi Williams, Lafred



"Lafred would definitely have a baby or two, she would be a mom. And she would have a boyfriend or a husband, baby daddy of course, and probably…I don’t know what kind of job she would have but she would definitely have kids. I think Lafred would probably be living out her cheerleading dreams through her kids, like her daughter, making them cheer. Like they would have no choice but to cheer. That would be it."

Shamari Fears DeVoe, Lava



"I think Lava would have gone on to become a cheerleading coach for high school and have the winning team, the champion team. I also think after that she went on to college to become Dr. Lava. She became a gynecologist."

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