Justin Bieber Announces New Single, 'Boyfriend'

'My first single is going to be amazing -- everyone's going to love it,' Bieber tells MTV News about the 'Believe' track.

Justin Bieber wants to be your "Boyfriend." Well, at least he does on the lead single off his new album, Believe, set for release later this year.

He announced the single's name and release date, March 26, when he stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," in an episode airing on Thursday (March 1), [article id="1680195"]his 18th birthday[/article].

"My big announcement is that on March 26, my first single is coming out and it's called 'Boyfriend,' " he said about the song, co-written by Mike Posner. "The song, it's basically I'm talking to this girl, [saying] if I was your boyfriend, I would never let you go. We wrote it, and the verses I'm talking/ rapping and then on the hook I'm singing. It's a really awesome song."

While the single announcement served as a surprise for fans, manager Scooter Braun had his own surprise for the teen star. Braun gifted Bieber with a car, the sporty, electric Fisker Karma. Ellen had something special for him, too: a window sun visor with a photo of the two of them on it, as well as an Ellen bobblehead.

[article id="1680191"]MTV News caught up with Bieber[/article] this week, and he answered many of his fans' questions and talked about his new album.

"This new album is crazy. I've spent the most time on it creatively just writing myself and being involved in the whole process. It's something that comes from my heart," he explained of the 2012 release.

"I hope all my fans and all my Beliebers like it. With my new album Believe there's so many different songs and so many different styles. It's really versatile and fun. My first single is going to be amazing -- everyone's going to love it."

Happy 18th birthday, Justin Bieber! Now that we've counted down the superstar's 18 greatest moments, stick with MTV News as we celebrate the milestone all day.

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