No Malice Only Expects Greatness From Pusha T As President Of G.O.O.D. Music

No Malice hopes Push's new role makes him happy.

You might've been surprised to hear that Pusha T was named the president of Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label yesterday, but King Push's brother No Malice wasn't shocked at all.

"When I see stuff like that, that’s the kind of stuff I expect," he told MTV News today. "To me, I know how great an artist he is. I know him better than anybody else out here. I grew up with him. We done been together. We done toured together. That’s my little brother. I expect nothing less. I expect him to be an achiever."

While fans congratulated Push on his new title, No Malice was thinking about how his brother's new position would impact his life.

"My whole intellect on things like that is, I'm more prone to think of, if it’s something that makes him happy," he explained. "I know the world will drop their panties for something like that, but I’m concerned with him. How does it sit with you? Is it something that you want? What does it actually mean? I celebrate every victory he has, but I’m really thinking about his well-being."

No Mal -- who released critically acclaimed albums with Push as a member of the Clipse -- says he thinks about these things because of his own experiences in the music game.

"I’ve had seemingly great accomplishments, some of which have brought misery," he explained. "But I expect nothing but great things from my brother. I’m not even surprised. I expect more and I know I’m gonna see more. As long as he’s happy, that’s what makes me happy."

Although the brothers were together the day before this G.O.O.D. Music announcement was made, Push and No Malice haven't talked about the younger bro's new title just yet.

"We don’t even discuss music stuff," he said. "That’s not even in our conversation. When we talk, we talk about our parents, what’s going on with each other and we have real deep conversations. But my brother is great so when I see an achievement or something that garners accolades, to me, that’s what I think about my brother."