'Man of Steel' Has Already Broken Box Office Records

You know how they say some people are just big in Japan? Well, "Man of Steel" is big in the Philippines. The biggest ever, actually.

While American viewers await the release of the newest "Superman" installment — hitting theaters this Friday — audiences in the Philippines have already gotten a chance to catch the flick on the big screen. And if money could talk, it would be shouting that they loved it.

"Man of Steel" opened in the Philippines on Wednesday to coordinate with the country's Independence Day — and the turnout was more than super.

The film racked up a whopping P69 million (equivalent to about US$1.65 million) across 466 screens, making it the biggest opening day in the nation's history. The summer blockbuster accounted for over 90 percent market share and beat the country's previous opening day record, held by "Iron Man 3".

If these numbers are any indication, "Man of Steel" is on its way to box office success. With impressive domestic presales and an ultra-wide release, the film is predicted to gross over $100 million this weekend.

Will you be seeing "Man of Steel" this Friday?