'Twilight,' '90210' Star Kellan Lutz Says Emmett Should Move To Beverly Hills

"George is Emmett," he laughed. "That's George's also-known-as name. He is Emmett, just to let you know. That storyline's coming. George gets fangs, actually."

Now we know he's joking. But Kellan is having fun enjoying this time before "Twilight" comes out while "90210" is going strong -- he considers it his moment. So far, his character hasn't had a lot to do on the show -- other than play lacrosse and make-out with Naomi on the rebound -- but he anticipates much more coming up for George, the school's resident bad boy.

"George is so the Luke Perry of the show," he said. "And maybe a little Brian Austin Green. I think they morphed the two of them. That's so where I'm taking George, just to let you know. . I think they morphed the two of them. That's so where I'm taking George, just to let you know."

In the absence of the actual Luke Perry, perhaps George will do. But definitely not as a love interest for guidance counselor Kelly Taylor, since actress Jenni Garth's husband Peter Facinelli -- and one of Lutz's "Twilight" co-stars -- already plays that role for him. The guidance counseler, not the love interest!

"Peter was a father figure to me," Lutz said. "Peter's married to an actress, and that's all us actors really have to date, so it was cool to talk to someone who made it work, the relationship and family life, because I want that one day."

In the meantime, Lutz just wants more storylines on "90210" ("and hopefully George is a part of that, a new drama in the new zip"), a sequel to "Twilight" ("hopefully we can do all the books"), and for both to become "iconic pieces."

"They're completely different and I feel blessed to have them both," Lutz said. "It's an honor to be part of 'Twilight' and play Emmett, who is one of the most fun characters I've ever played, and then doing '90210.' There are some fans who enjoy them both, but I think everyone's going to enjoy 'Twilight.' We worked our butts off."

Well Twilighters? How do you think Emmett would fare in Beverly Hills? Let us know below.

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