Selena Gomez Won’t Take Any Shit From Amy Schumer In This Hilarious Skit

She does get to sing a fun little jingle, though

Amy Schumer is SOOOO relatable. She washes her own legs. She does her own masturbating. She’s friends with Perez Hilton and has a mini dinosaur as a pet. And she hosts her own talk show (aboard “a luxury airship that never touches the ground for tax reasons”) that’s ironically called "Down to Earth."

On Thursday night’s episode of Inside Amy Schumer, the comedian brought her talk-show alter-ego to life in a new sketch co-starring Selena Gomez. Besides singing in the faux show’s house band, Sel's also on hand to get brutally mocked by Schumer, who says things like, “Look at you, Miss Rosetta Stone. Look at how good your English has gotten. I love.”

“I was born in Texas,” Selena replies with a comically disgusted look (please use this GIF whenever you need to express the same pure disdain for something or someone).


As with most of Schumer’s hilarious sketches, this one has a wacky ending that you need to see to believe, so check out the full clip below:

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