Robert Pattinson Becomes The Paparazzi In This 'Life' Trailer

Pattinson gets 'behind' the lens of the celeb photog machine for a change.

Everyone knows James Dean.

Like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, and John Wayne, his is a name that does and will live in enigmatic infamy. But there was a time, if you can believe it, when Dean was still an "unknown actor" whose star had yet to rise and break many, many hearts along the way.

Anton Corbijn's "Life," the first trailer for which is finally in, looks to chronicle some of the earliest days of James Dean (played by dead ringer Dane DeHaan)'s career. Particularly, the time when a LIFE Magazine photographer named Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson) saw his up-and-coming potential and pushed to snap a photo essay on the man who had, in his words, "an awkwardness, something very pure" going for him.

Which is a very interesting analysis coming from him because, as any early-round RPattz enthusiast knows, that's exactly the appeal he offered the crowd when he first became an unwitting household name with heartthrob status thanks to "Twilight" in 2008.

Ever since, Pattinson has maintained a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi, so this image of him as a photog for the flick is a little odd. And also completely fascinating.

At any rate, the pics Stock took for the mag feature ended up being some of the most memorable from Dean's entire career, so it's definitely an intriguing relationship to follow in the flick.

"Life" is expected to hit U.K. theaters on Sept. 26, with a U.S. release still undetermined -- though the continued fanfare surrounding Pattinson should help with that.

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