Which Colleges Are The Smartest When It Comes To Sex?

Find out how your college scores on Trojan's Sexual Health Report Card.

Oregon State University is basically the valedictorian of sexual health, according to the 9th annual Trojan Sexual Health Report Card college rankings. Every year, Trojan grades 140 colleges across the country on the sexual health resources students can access. The grading criteria includes factors like hours of operation, contraceptive availability and HIV and STI testing.

“The Trojan Sexual Health Report Card has been a great way to identify schools that provide their students with access to the best sexual health resources,” Mark Gromosaik, Group Product Manager for Trojan Brand Condoms, said in a press release. “It allows schools to see where they need to improve and motivates them to get better each year."

Oregon State is the perfect example of this. In 2013, the school ranked #26 on the list -- but this year, they snagged the #1 spot after improving their resources over the last year.

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Here are more schools that are doing sexual health the right way:

1. Oregon State University

2. The University of Texas At Austin

3. University of Maryland-College Park

4. University of Arizona

5. Stanford University

6. University of Michigan

7. Brown University

8. Columbia University in the City of New York

9. Syracuse University

10. University of Wisconsin

11. University of Iowa

12. Rutgers University-New Brunswick

13. Princeton University

The full ranking of all 140 schools is available here.

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Sexual health is an important thing, guys. According to Brown University, 25% of college students have an STI -- that's, like, A LOT of people. And a recent study by Trojan found that 41% of college-aged kids report consistently using a condom. There's clearly some room for improvement here.

In the meantime though, we give all these awesome schools major props for being nothing like this guy:


Check out for more info on current contraceptive methods and visit MTV’s It’s Your Sex Life website to learn more about pregnancy and sexual health.