Jam Master Jay's Family Offers Reward, Plans To Hire P.I. To Help Catch Killer

Mizells have put up $500,000 for information that leads to arrest of murderer.

After waiting practically a year for police to solve the murder of their loved one, Jam Master Jay, the deceased icon's family is now taking matters into its own hands. The Mizells are in the process of hiring a private detective in hopes of finally solving the murder.

"Well, the police department is doing the best they can do. I figure a little bit more help won't hurt," Jam Master Jay's brother Marvin Thompson said Thursday in New York. "I want to be able to close this [case] this year hopefully. We're still in communication with the police department, they're still following different leads, but sometimes they feel like a cat chasing their own tail, running around in circles."

In addition to trying to secure a P.I., the Mizells have also just put up their own reward of $500,000 for anyone with information leading to the arrest of JMJ's murderer.

"Maybe they will come out and discuss something now," said Thompson attempting to entice anyone (see "Jam Master Jay: The Streets Is Watching, But Nobody's Talking"). "Whoever knows something, just come forth."

In the Thursday edition of the New York Post, a report surfaced saying that Lydia Hyde, a close friend of Jay and witness who was present at the 24/7 studio when the music icon was murdered last October, came forth to police and fingered a triggerman in the murder.

The NYPD denied the report and wrote the Post article off as frivolous. Thompson scoffed at the tabloid as well, referring to the news as "hideous."

"I feel it's a big waste of energy and time," Thompson balked in regards to media reports about his brother's killing that have either turned out to be false or inconclusive. "I feel like if somebody really has something to say, they need to just come forward and say what they have to say instead of [the press] throwing false hopes to the family. The community wants this thing to be closed; we want this to be closed. All this false hope is just throwing a smoke screen."

Thompson says that anyone with information on the JMJ case can either contact the NYPD directly or the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council at (718) 264-9091.

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