Kevin Hart Vows To Roast Justin Bieber Until He 'Almost' Cries

"I just want to see his face shake," says the comedian.

In just over a month, Justin Bieber will take the stage at the Comedy Central Roast in his name, and spend an hour being roundly insulted by a room full of his colleagues and closest friends.

But Kevin Hart, master of ceremonies at the upcoming roast, wants to assure the Beliebers out there that he absolutely will not reduce the Biebs to tears. As Hart told MTV News on the Oscars red carpet Sunday (February 22), nobody, including Kevin Hart, wants to see Justin Bieber cry.

He does, however, want to see Justin Bieber's face turn red and go all a-quiver with the enormous effort of not crying, so no promises about that.

Want to know exactly how far Hart intends to go in his duties as roast emcee? Watch the full interview below.

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