Thank God For Taylor Swift's Turn Up To Kanye West's 'All Day'

Hey Taylor, you're the real MVP!

What do you do when Kanye West debuts a brand-new song in your presence? You turn all the way up, that's what you do!

On Wednesday, Yeezus hit the BRIT Awards and unleashed "All Day" to a crowd that mostly just starred in awe. We see you, Lionel Richie.

Not only did Kanye give fans the track that we've been waiting for since an unfinished version leaked last summer, but he brought a gang of U.K. hip-hop stars on stage with him, dressed in all black. And there was a flame thrower for God's sake... a freaking flame thrower.

Thank the lord for Taylor Swift. So what if T Swizzle was slightly off-beat, that woman knows how to party and appropriately react when Yeezy blesses us with a new track.

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