New Video: Taylor Swift Featuring Ed Sheeran, 'Everything Has Changed'

Watch Taylor Swift's "Everything Has Changed" video featuring Ed Sheeran.

AWWWWWW. It's mini-Ed Sheeran serenading mini-Taylor Swift!

You know what? It seems rather fitting that musical besties and "Red" tourmates Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran would release their adorable "Everything Has Changed" video the night after they both attended 2013 CMT Music Awards. Because not only are they touring together AND award show-ing together, but now they're appearing in a music video together? That's quite a lot of together-ness for a non-couple, amirite? And OK, do NOT get mad at us, but we've been rooting for these two to become an item every since we saw Taylor sing "Lego House" with Ed on her kitchen floor. I mean, he would treat her like a queen and you KNOW it.

Watch Taylor Swift's "Everything Has Changed" video featuring Ed Sheeran after the jump.

We are, however, having mixed feelings about Tay and Ed's sentimental "Everything Has Changed" video. On one hand, we LOVE IT because DUH, but on the other hand, we are FULLY HATING IT. Why, you ask? Oh, just because Ed and Taylor are only in it for, like, 10 seconds, which is barely long enough to catch a glimpse of Taylor's long legs or a bright pop of Ed's ginger hair. It's tough. That said, we DO get to see two adorable child actors pretending to be little Taylor and little Ed, which does ease the pain a little.

Slated as the U.K. single off Taylor's Red album, the Philip Andelman and Giles Dunning-directed clip has Mini Ed and Mini Taylor meeting on the school bus (natch) where they strike an immediate bond. Afterwards, they do precious things like make pastries together, hang out on the jungle gym, privately serenade each other during "music hour," and enjoy a strobe-lit slow dance in an empty gymnasium (AWWWW). And once the school day ends, the in-puppy-love tots go to meet their babysitters and/or parents (that part's unclear), who -- SURPRISE! -- are Taylor and Ed.

Anyway, would we have liked to see a little more onscreen flirtation between our favorite platonic couple? YEP. But will seeing them as children in love suffice? Absolutely.

Watch Taylor Swift's "Everything Has Changed" video featuring Ed Sheeran.

Photo credit: Big Machine Records