Alex Wolff Made His Own Short Film -- With A Little Help From His Brother Nat

Wolff wrote, directed and starred in his own short film, and MTV News has your exclusive first look.

Alex Wolff just turned 18 three days ago. He's currently studying for his SATs in the midst of a hectic shooting schedule, which sees him splitting his time between his home in New York City and his home away from home Los Angeles. Somewhere in between SAT prep, filming and being a teenager, Alex -- yes, younger brother to John Green's BFF Nat Wolff -- wrote, directed and starred in his own short film "Boots."

"Boots" isn't his first short. Alex has been making his own shorts since he was 14. But "Boots" is his most personal story. Inspired by a former flame, "Boots" tells the story of Noah (played by Alex), an emotional teen who loses the girl of his dreams and thinks it's the end of the world.

"This was 10th grade for me, when everything felt so urgent, and I was so sensitive," he told MTV News. "Even if you don't want to admit it, I think when you're in 10th grade, you're never more sensitive in your life. You're just so vulnerable and so angry, or at least I was. I think I was a messed up 10th grader. I had all of these feelings, and if I had a really rough night, it felt like the end of the world."

Noah's journey through New York City brings him to a 24-hour diner, where he ultimately finds his salvation in a stack of fluffy french toast -- and a cheery group of outsiders. "Boots" is currently making its way around the film festival circuit, and MTV News has your first exclusive look at Wolff's passion project:

The film is more than just a passion project for Alex; it's also a family affair. He executive produced the film alongside his brother Nat, who, according to Alex, did it for the IMDB credit.

"My brother pitched in something like $425 because he paid for all the food. He said, 'Whatever food there's gonna be, it's on me.' So he paid for all the lunch and the food in the diner. He finds it hilarious that he has a producer credit on IMDB. He thinks it's so funny -- and at the end, I say, 'Special thanks to my brother, and my hero, Nat Wolff.'"

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