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11 Things That Make The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Home 'Fabulous'

Inglewood's legendary Forum will host the August 24 awards show.

Some nicknames are bestowed and some are earned. The Forum in Inglewood, California, has definitely earned the nickname "Fabulous."

The just-revealed home of the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards is fresh off a $100 million renovation that has made it one of the premier arenas in the nation.

We couldn't be more psyched to set up at the Forum, but if you still need convincing, here are 11 reasons why it rules.

1. Spin The Black Circle

The renovated Forum as the world largest vinyl record on its roof. The 407-foot wide, 250,000 square foot printed vinyl disc was put in place by 75 works in honor of the building's re-opening in January.

2. Go Big, Or Go Home

The Forum has the largest indoor performance venue space in the country with flexible seating ranging from 17,500 seats down to 7,000 seats.


3. Prince Loves It

The Purple One played a 21-night stand at the old building between April-May 2011.


4. Artists Can Truly Chill

The renovated artist luxury lounges have a gym, a game room with Tracman golf simulator, vintage arcade games, a pool table and a vintage wooden shuffleboard court.


4. See The Stars, Inside

The arena has a unique "star-filled" LED ceiling that delivers a first-of-its-kind theatrical effect for a building this sized.


5. A House Of A Different Color

The Forum's repainted exterior has been updated from the 1960s "California Sunset Red" to a unique new hue known as "Forum Red."


6. JT Digs It

Timberlake played one of his epic solo shows at the Forum in January shortly after it re-opened.

7. The Lakers Called It Home

The legendary "Showtime" L.A. Lakers team played on the Forum court for more than 30 years (1967-1999). During that time they won five NBA championships (and reached the finals three other times) thanks to stars including Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


8. It's Not A Stranger To Shiny Trophies

Even though the Forum has never hosted a major awards show, the Stanley Cup made a special trip to the venue.


9. It's Got An Artistic Side

Considering the fact that the Forum's dressing-room doors are covered in graffiti, it's a fitting venue for artists.


10. Pretty Much Everyone Has Performed There

Seriously, just look at all those names!


11. Best Of All.. It's In California!