What Would Taylor Swift's 'Mean' Video Look Like?

Up until now, many of Swift's singles have been about the boys in her life. Whether she's nursing a broken heart or falling in love, her videos have featured the country-pop superstar and a model/actor in some sort of romantic entanglement.

If Taylor's ACM performance is any indication, this video could take a left turn and instead be an ode to Americana, complete with the singer's feisty swagger, lacy peasant dresses and a banjo. The set on Sunday was an ode to old Nashville. Swift and her bandmates (in vintage clothing) stood on the front porch of a rundown farmhouse as the singer proclaimed (into a retro microphone) that her own pen is mightier than some critics'.

"Someday, I’ll be living in a big old city," she sings defiantly in the song. "And all you’re ever gonna be is mean."

Perhaps Swift will opt for a honky-tonk-type performance video, in which she and her band have a little fun at someone's expense. The singer certainly knows how to work the camera and really doesn't need all the pomp and circumstance to keep her fans or, for that matter, her critics engaged. Plus, it'd be fun to see Swift go a bit lo-fi and show everyone why she deserves to be a star: She's a girl who can play her own instruments and has something to say.

What do you think Swift should do in her "Mean" video? Tell us in the comments!

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