Life Is Unfair, But This 'Malcolm In The Middle' Video Game Might Make It A Little Better

See Malcolm, Reese and Dewey in 8-bit form.

"Malcolm in the Middle" ended nine years ago, and life is still unfair. But recently, things are looking up. Alec Robbins created an awesome 8-bit video game about the beloved Fox TV show. It works on both your computer and phone, because we live in the future.

You literally have to keep Malcolm in the middle. Dewey, Malcolm and Reese are walking in a line, and you have to maneuver Malcolm so he doesn't accidentally bump into either Dewey or Reese. But because Malcolm's brothers can be jerks, they'll randomly speed up or slow down, so you have to be ready.

Alec Robbins / Fox

Malcolm in the Middle

The game is simple and straightforward, yet it's so much more than that. Speech bubbles appear above the three characters from time to time that either ask existential questions or just make common observations about the boys' daily lives, both good and bad.

Once you die, the game tells you, "Malcolm couldn't stay in the middle," then asks if you'd like to play again. Your choices are: "Yes," "No," "Maybe," "I don't know" and "Can you repeat the question?" Because, duh.

On his website, Robbins explains he "made the game over the course of two days, in the midst of a Netflix binge." Honestly, we don't care his reason for making it — we're just so glad he did.

Click here to play the game, but remember to screenshot your high score, or you'll probably end up feeling like Reese.


Malcolm in the Middle

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