Tyga Brings The Temperature Up 40 Degrees With Toasty Anthem 'Goddamn'

Summer has started early

Tyga is forever having fun on rap records, often sounding like he's smiling as he's recording. It's why his most recent records have a tropical, leisurely feel as if it's siesta time in the middle of the day and he's at the beach with his feet in the water. That feeling is here on "Goddamn," his latest smooth-talking party record. Blueface may lick his fingertips and split his eyebrows in real life, but Tyga does it while he's rapping. It's a nearly impossible feat.

"Goddamn" is good, cheery fun. Surprisingly, there's a violin and other, distinct live instruments inside. For something that's the tempo to make you shake your rear end, it's surprising, but not totally unheard of. Tyga gets his smooth-talking shtick on, putting together the kind of confident lines and playboy demeanor that makes his music roll out of speakers in resort parties so effortlessly. It's not as steamy and overtly sexual as, say, "Taste" or "Girls Have Fun." But it's in a similar sensual atmosphere that's a little more vulgar and brash, yet less steamy.

Tyga recently appeared on stage during YG's set at Coachella. Last year he had quite the year, releasing three different summer anthems in "Taste," Swish," and "Dip." Earlier this year, he released "Girls Have Fun."

Listen to the smooth new tune up above.

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