Azealia Banks And Iggy Azalea Are Going At It Again

When will it end?

Azealia Banks has never been shy about her critiques of Iggy Azalea, but they've often come on Twitter, in short messages. In an interview with "Ebro in the Morning" on Hot 97, though, she more fully spelled out her issues with the "Fancy" rapper.

"In this country, whenever it comes to our things -- like black issues, or black politics, or black music, or whatever -- there's always this undercurrent of kind of like a 'F--k you,'" she began. "There's always a, 'F--k y'all n---as; y'all don't really own sh--, y'all don't have sh--.'"

“That Macklemore album wasn’t better than the Drake record. That Iggy Azalea sh-- is not better than any f--king black girl that’s rapping today.”

She also criticized the Grammys, saying that Iggy should be included in the Pop category, not Rap.

"The Grammys are supposed to be awards for artistic excellence...Iggy Azalea’s not excellent,” she said. “I have a problem when you’re trying to say that it’s hip-hop and you’re trying to put it up against black culture.”

She then broke down when talking about her feelings about the appropriations in rap music, and also mentioned other recent much-discussed events from Eric Garner's death to rape allegations against Bill Cosby.

"Until y'all motherf--kers are ready to talk about what y'all owe me, whether the number's $7 trillion or $8 trillion or $9 trillion, at the very f--kin' least, y'all owe me the right to my identity, to not exploit that sh--," she said, beginning to cry. "That's all we're holding onto, hip-hop and rap and Bill Cosby or whatever the f--k it is. That sh-- is f--king like too timely. That's too timely that you have, like, Eric Garner, Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin, and y'all f--kin' talking about Bill Cosby?! What the f--k?! What does that have to do with anything? Y'all putting that sh-- on TV for kids to see, for the youth to f--kin' see."

Then Banks, whose album, Broke With Expensive Taste, dropped in November, also once again went in on T.I., too.

“You out here trying to promote this white bitch," she said, referring to Iggy. "They got your wife on VH1 and that bitch can’t f--kin’ read. You’re a f--kin’ shoe shinin’ coon. How dare you.”

Once Iggy caught wind of the interview last night, she posted a series of tweets responding to the "Chasing Time" rapper's words.

"There are many black artists succeeding in all genres. The reason you haven't is because of your piss poor attitude," she wrote. "Your inability to be responsible for your own mistakes, bullying others, the inability to be humble or have self control. It's YOU!"

Well, it doesn't look like the issues between this two are going anywhere anytime soon.

(T.I. has some advice for Azealia Banks)

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