Jay-Z Blames Wendy's Commercial -- Partially -- For His 'Death Of Auto-Tune'

Hov also reveals that Timbaland worked on forthcoming 'Blueprint 3' LP.

We can thank Wendy's "Frosty Posse"

for [article id="1613390"]Jay-Z's "D.O.A." (a.k.a. "Death of Auto-Tune")[/article] song. Well, maybe they're not 100 percent responsible, but the [artist id="1269"]Jiggaman[/artist] said that hearing the use of Auto-Tune in a commercial for the fast-food chain is one of the things that inspired him to bring forth the song.

"I just think in hip-hop, when a trend becomes a gimmick, it's time to move on," Jay said in an interview with Chicago radio station WGCI on Tuesday. "I saw a Wendy's commercial and they're using Auto-Tune. They're joking on it. It's like, OK, enough of that ... It was a trend, it was cool in the beginning. Some people made great music with it, now it's time to move on."

A few rap artists have [article id="1613484"]taken exception to "D.O.A."[/article] DJ Webstar Tweeted that Jay was old and out of touch. He elaborated on the issue on the RealTalkNY Web site.

"Jay-Z, he has a lot of fans, he's done a lot for hip-hop. Just because you're rich and you have more money than a lot of new artists coming up, such as myself, doesn't mean everything you say is right," he told the site. "I'm a fan of Jay-Z. I was shocked when he did that. Mary J. [Blige] and Drake just did a song with Auto-Tune. Drake and the whole Young Money [crew] just did Auto-Tune. If you take every song off the radio, what would you have? I was listening to the radio and Jay said the people don't wanna hear Auto-Tune no more. The biggest records of the year all had Auto-Tune -- who are you to say people don't wanna hear it?"

Webstar said he felt Jay was calling him out. "It's only about five people that do the Auto-Tune. It's me, Ron Browz, T-Pain, Kanye and Lil Wayne."

In the interview with WGCI, Jay said he wasn't paying attention to the criticism.

"He's a young guy," Hov countered. "So he doesn't have a full understanding of what I'm saying. Maybe he'll understand one day, but right now, he's a young guy, he don't know no better."

"D.O.A." is just a taste of what we're getting from [article id="1613283"]Jay's forthcoming Blueprint 3 LP[/article] which is due on September 11. Jay described it as timeless opus.

"New classic," he said of the album before revealing a producer in addition to Kanye West was working on the album as well. "Kanye is doing a bulk of the production. [Longtime Jay-Z collaborator Timbaland] got some incredible records on there. I'm still working on it because I got a little time and it can only get better."

Hov explained that his goal is to further push the boundaries of his culture.

"The challenge of how far hip-hop can go," he said of his inspiration. "When I walk in the room, I represent hip-hop. ... All the things I can do when representing hip-hop, that's what moves me."

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