If You Weren't Convinced Jelena Is Back On, You Should Be Now

So many social media accounts to sleuth!

For anyone doubting that the Jelena train hasn't revved firmly into "on again" mode, Justin Bieber just posted a new photo with Selena Gomez on his Shots account.

The couple looks to be on a flight – perhaps heading back to Canada, where they recently rekindled their romance with horseback ride outings and candid photo shoots on ATVs. This could be the Bieber perspective of Gomez's Instagram shot, wherein she divulged she was leaving Canada for New York.

This isn't the first instance of Bieber's Shots account giving us a different angle on the action – check out this snap of the couple, which (based on the Biebs' attire alone) is clearly an addendum to this Instagram selfie.

There's also this snap of Bieber riding on a horse – the reverse perspective of his Instagram shot of (we're guessing to be) Selena.

Are these new uploads of old action, or has Jelena united once more for a retreat elsewhere? Only time (and their various social media accounts) will tell!

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