Here Are 6 Real Jurassic Parks You Can Visit Right Now

Get your dino on.

We've all dreamed of visiting Jurassic Park, right? It would be great to see the dinosaurs up close, and hopefully not get mauled by them.

News flash: you can.

Well, caveat, these aren't the genetically modified, brought back from extinction hellions that we've seen in the "Jurassic Park" franchise so far (those T-Rex get mighty pissy when you don't let them eat you up as they please). They're mostly, like, statues. (They're all statues.) But don't let that get in the way of getting your nerd on! Here are six real-life Jurassic Parks you can visit today (or tomorrow, whenever).

Crystal Palace (United Kingdom)


The first known dinosaur park, Crystal Palace, opened in 1854. The sculptures were the first renderings of dinosaurs, and they were unveiled six years before Charles Darwin wrote "On the Origin of Species," making them basically prehistoric in and of themselves. If you want to see some really, really old dinosaurs, Crystal Palace's Monster Trail is the place to be.

Field Station (New Jersey)


Field Station: Dinosaurs has been a mainstay in Secaucus, New Jersey for dino enthusiasts, but, unfortunately, it will close after the 2015 season to make room for the construction of a new high school. Last chance for dinos!

La Brea Tar Pits (California)


Before there was Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, there was the Ice Age. Explore the fossil beds of the La Brea Tar Pits and check out exhibits of what used to live in the area. So, yeah, it's not actual dinosaurs, per se, but close enough for our tastes.

Dinosaur Playground (New York)


If you live in New York City, look no further than the uptown train for your dinosaur fill. No, we're not talking about the Museum of Natural History (though, um, that's an option too if you're into science), but the Dinosaur Playground in Riverside Park. Where else are you encouraged to climb a triceratops?

Dinosaurs Alive! (Ohio)


Located in the amusement park of King Island, Dinosaurs Alive! has 56 animatronic dinosaurs to thrill you on your jaunt. It also has a replica dig and excavation site, if you want to get our science on.

Dinosaur World (Florida, Kentucky and Texas)


Wander through acres of life-sized dinosaur sculptures from the safety of one of the three locations of Dinosaur World. No self-driving Jeeps to see here, folks. Just awesome dinos.