Lorde Shares The First-Ever Demo Recording Of Her New Single ‘Green Light’

The singer kicks off the first episode of MTV’s ‘Rookie’ podcast

Lorde recently chatted with Rookie's Tavi Gevinson for the inaugural episode of the "Rookie" podcast, and in addition to diving into the making of her forthcoming album Melodrama, the New Zealand singer shared an early demo of her new single "Green Light."

On the podcast's first episode, Lorde dished on breaking up, growing up, and making an album out of it. While she was plotting out Melodrama with cowriter Jack Antonoff, she recorded sketches of their brainstorms on her phone, one of which she played for Gevinson.

"I found this recording of us coming up with the song," Lorde said. "It's kind of amazing ... this is exactly how the song was born."

It turns out it was born when Lorde and Antonoff went to a Florence + the Machine concert and watched the piano player doing a showy riff on the keys. That riff ended up becoming the memorable prechorus that drives "Green Light."

"When people say, 'Oh, she went pop,' or whatever, that's just the inside of my brain," Lorde said. "That's how a song like that enters the world and goes out into the universe." You can listen to the entire episode above and hear Lorde share the first-ever recording of "Green Light" at about the 25:20 mark.

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