50 Cent Shot, Wounded In New York

50 Cent was wounded in a shooting which took place on Wednesday morning in Queens, New York, while the rapper was sitting in a parked car with an acquaintance, 22-year-old Curtis Brown.

The shooting took place on May 24 at 11:22 a.m. on 161st Street in the Jamaica section of Queens, according to a police spokesperson. 50 Cent, 24, was shot repeatedly in the legs and once in the jaw, while Brown sustained a hand wound. The men drove themselves to Jamaica Hospital after the shooting, where they were admitted.

Brown was released and 50 Cent was admitted for surgery Wednesday morning, according to Jamaica Hospital spokesperson Michael Hink. As of Wednesday morning, 50 Cent was in stable condition. Because of a family request that no more information be given to the press, his current condition is unknown.

Born Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent, a former boxer, is best known for last year's "How To Rob..." single, which comically described how the MC would stick

up everyone from Timbaland to Master P.

Not everyone in the music industry took 50 Cent's jibes so lightly. On the heels of "How To Rob...," he released "Ghetto Qor'ran," a track that recounts stories about notorious New York hustlers. Several well-publicized incidents have taken place between 50 Cent and fellow Queens resident Ja Rule, including a scuffle between the two MCs in an Atlanta party for Ja Rule and an alleged stabbing incident at New York's Hit Factory recording studio.

50 Cent's publicist at Trackmasters was on vacation when MTV News tried to reach her for comment. Another publicist at Trackmasters was not aware of the shooting.

The rapper's long-delayed album, "Power Of The Dollar," currently has an August 1 release date.

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