Is Pusha T Dissing Cash Money Or Celebrating Tyga And Kylie's Relationship On His New Song?

Fans are torn.

Pusha T's Darkest Before Dawn hasn't been released, but the project's already making some major headlines.

The latest song we know of from the project, "M.F.T.R.," has people talking -- and it isn't even out yet.

"The illusion of money we don’t believe in," he raps on the track, according to Pusha-approved lyrics that debuted on Genius today. "You ask me, Tyga looking like a genius."

What does he mean by that? Fans have some thoughts.

Someone thinks Push is referencing Kylie Jenner.

Another person believes it's a Lil Wayne/Drake dis.

And some people are just confused.

If it is a Cash Money reference, it wouldn't be a shocker. Tyga denounced the record label before Lil Wayne's Baby dispute. Is Push giving T-Raw props for that here? Well, Push does have a history of dissing Cash Money artists.

In 2012, he released "Exodus 23:1," where he appeared to take shots at someone from the label. He didn't name names, but people still thought it was about Lil Wayne or Drake. Then, last month, he went further with another Darkest Before Dawn song, "Untouchable."

"Still wishing on a star," he rapped on the track. "The last one to find out that Baby own the cars."

Push has said that line was about how his "Exodus 23:1" disses are coming true.

"I just feel like it has been vaguely said through online like, 'Oh sh-t, this shit going crazy, this "Exodus" shit going crazy.' We’re watching it all unfold, and it’s just real," he explained. "This is just real talk man, we’re watching it all unfold. It done went from, stunting like they daddy, kissing my son, to damn near a murder plot! You don’t even know what’s going on! And all I’m saying is, I’ve been said this sh-t!"

Darkest Before Dawn is set to drop Dec. 18.