Lindsay Lohan Wants Britney Spears And Paris Hilton To Party Like It’s 2007

Oh — and Beyoncé, naturally

Who doesn't want to party in Greece to celebrate another trip around the sun? Lindsay Lohan is turning 31 on July 2, and to mark the occasion, she's throwing herself a bash on the Greek island of Mykonos — and inviting some ladies she used to party with along for the fête.

Via Twitter, LiLo extended an invitation to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton — two of the gals she used to brush elbows with while hopping between VIP sections a decade or so back — as well as Beyoncé. Y'know. Just casually.

Considering that Beyoncé just (reportedly) gave birth to twins, Brit's busy calling out her haters, and Paris is probably DJing in Ibiza or something, the chances of them taking her up on her offer to ring in her 31st year are pretty slim.

Still: There's a chance, and the more the merrier seems to be a great vibe for a celebratory occasion. Either way, happy birthday, Lindsay!

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