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Zayn Malik Has A Strong Opinion Of 1D's First Single Without Him

He tweeted about 'Drag Me Down' on Saturday night.

By Monique Steele

One Direction fans across the world were given the surprise of a lifetime earlier this week when the boys delivered unto us their new single “Drag Me Down” -- their first song sans our favorite hitter-of-high-notes, Zayn Malik. The single has already proved itself to be a success, gaining a ton of airplay and quickly climbing the iTunes charts.

And while us fans clearly can’t get enough of the new hit, there was one opinion we were missing and dying to know more about. Not one to disappoint, our beloved Zayn took to Twitter to tell us exactly how he feels about the new 1D single.

Take a moment to let out that sigh of relief, Directioners, because all is well on the 1D front!

Despite their previous falling outs on Twitter, Zayn is clearly still supportive of his former bandmates, and we’re sure that the rest of the boys will be just as supportive when Zayn releases the new music he’s been working on -- news he let fans in on earlier this week when he announced his readiness to embark on a solo career and to release new music that embodies the "real him."

Directioners everywhere are just ready for the great music to come and happy to see there’s much love amongst our favorite boys.