Did Beyonce Lip-Synch National Anthem? 'Say It Ain't So!'

'Everyone knows she sings AMAZING live so I don't see the big deal about her doing this once,' one fan says of Inauguration Day performance.

After three days of star-studded inauguration coverage, you'd think the country would be buzzing about the positive energy that surrounded the festivities, all the A-list attendees and performers.

But the topic that has everyone buzzing Tuesday (January 22) is a heated debate over whether Beyoncé lip-synched her national anthem performance.

There's been no word from Beyoncé and her camp yet, but the story has the mainstream media churning out a flurry of reports that range from speculative to confirmations that the Grammy winner lip-synched.

But there are also reports defending the performance, insisting it was live. Over at Jezebel, a tipster sent in a link to the Wall Street Journal's video of Bey's performance. "The camera man was using his own mic, and he/she were so close that he could hear the mic feed over the speakers, AND Beyoncé's actual voice," the tipster wrote. "That echo is the feedback, which is why she took her ear piece out. Yes there's a backup track, but she is singing full out. Don't believe the Beytheists."

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So who and what should we believe? And what do Queen Bey's fans think of the news? Reactions are decidedly mixed, ranging from devastated disbelief to the unmoved and unsurprised.

"Considering history of lip sync politics, not #Beyoncé's best judgment," tweeted Karla Holloway. "Wrong time/place."

"Say it ain't so B?!!" lamented fan Clay Arnold via Twitter. "Lip Sync? Le Sigh."

Still, many fans didn't have a problem with the news, whether it turns out to be fact or fiction, because it's Beyoncé's voice we heard, just maybe not the live version.

"As a professional she knew what needed to be done at the time of her performance," wrote Carol Bunn in response to Spin magazine's take on the story. "I don't have a problem with it, it is her voice not someone else."

Fellow Bey-liever Andy agreed with the innocent-until-proven-guilty theory, but also wrote that people shouldn't be making such a deal about it since we all know the woman can sing.

"I watched that video of her singing the anthem and it doesn't look like she is lip-synching," Andy commented. "Or if she really was, she was good at it because I didn't notice. I'm not denying she did a pre-recorded version because she posted pictures of her recording it on her website and Facebook. I think she recorded it so she could hear it in her earpiece. I think it was her just being prepared as you can be for something so important. And everyone knows she sings AMAZING live so I don't see the big deal about her doing this once."

If Beyoncé did lip-synch, what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.