Spiritualized Recruit a Depressed Rory Culkin for "I Am What I Am"

Spiritualized's latest album Sweet Heart Sweet Light found Jason Pierce ina rather (rare) good mood, but you wouldn't think so after watching hislatest video for "I Am What I Am," a squelchy number that appeared towards the end of the record and co-written by Dr. John. It stars Rory Culkin, younger brother of Macaulay, where he wanders around a depressed looking town looking, well, very depressed. Bad fast food is consumed, as is bad porn, which we suppose could make anyone feel bummed out.

The video ends with a rather creepy shot of Rory offing himself -- we won't ruin the ending, but let's just say, you'll have to look hard to figure out the exact method he chose.

Spiritualized is on tour this Fall in clubs across the United States. We promise, it's not as depressing as this.

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