Manson Plans Tour With Monster Magnet, Bumped From Hotel By Nobel Ceremony

Marilyn Manson came about as close as he may ever come to picking up the Nobel Peace Prize this week when he found himself booked into the Oslo, Norway hotel that hosts the event on the very day the award was handed out.

According to Manson's official website (at, the hotel thought better of the idea of having Manson and his entourage lurking about during the ceremony on Thursday, and suggested that the band find other digs. They did, and the ceremony (which honored two politicians from Northern Ireland who have worked to end that country's 30-year run of factional violence) went off without a hitch.

Manson will hopefully have better luck finding accommodations in the U.S. when the band tours here next year with Monster Magnet. Interscope Records said that Manson will start rolling into arenas with Monster Magnet beginning in March.